Commercial Two-way Radio Solutions

United Radio Communications, Inc. has been providing two way radio and wireless data communication services in the Chicago area since 1993. Our technical staff has decades of experience in the two-way radio industry. URCI can Design, Engineer, Install and Maintain most any size wireless radio system…from a small warehouse, skyscraper, hospital to a university campus setting. We are a "turn-key" solution company.

  1. URCI System Services


    No matter how large or small your enterprise, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business.

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  2. URCI Application Services


    MOTOTRBO applications expand the features of your radio. Choose from GPS, Email, Text Messaging, Man Down, PBX, and more.

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  3. URCI In-Building Services


    Our clients are looking for better two-way radio coverage in their buildings and facilities. MOTOTRBO digital offers better coverage.

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  4. URCI Installation Services


    The experienced staff at URCI will install and manage your two-way radio equipment and keep it working at peak performance.

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Upgrade To Digital

Digital radios from Motorola offer many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality with greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more.

Better Battery Life

Battery life is a big challenge for all mobile devices. But because digital technology is much more energy-efficient than analog, you don't have to worry about your battery dying at a critical moment.

Increased Capacity

When it comes to spectrum efficiency, nothing matches digital technology. Digital is so bandwidth-efficient, it can accommodate two completely separate "channels" in one 12.5 kHz channel.

Improved Audio

When you use a normal analog radio, every sound that's picked up by the microphone is transmitted. If there's a lot of background noise, it can be very difficult to understand you. Digital technology is purer.


Wide Area and Nationwide Push-To-Talk Radio


The Power of Nationwide in Chicago

WAVE PTX™ push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices - including the new WAVE™ TLK 100 Two-Way Radio.

  • Communicate at the Touch of a Button
  • Predictable Monthly Costs
  • Extend LMR to Broadband
  • No Equipment to Purchase
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Introducing the NEW Wearable
Wi-Fi Device
Motorola TLK 25

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Industry Solutions

United Radio Communucations provides two-way radio solutions for the following industries.

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