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Motorola P25 Portable Radios

Keep your personnel and the community safer than ever before with the mission critical designed portable radios that deliver interoperability, best-in class audio quality and intuitive performance

Select from most advanced lineup of P25 two-way portable radios to create a customer solution that meets your agencies' needs.

Motorola XTS 1500 Digital Portable Radio

Motorola XTS 1500

Cost-Effective Digital Portable Radio

When your community's well-being is at stake, you can count on the XTS® 1500 digital portable radio. Built for the demands of public utility operations, the radio's advanced technology delivers high-powered features in a light, compact and rugged package. This radio allows your work groups to be prepared for the unexpected, respond immediately and offer the highest quality of service to the community. This portable radio complies with both Project 16 and Project 25 standards and is available in 700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1 and UHF R2 bands.

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Motorola XTS 2500 Digital Portable Radio

Motorola XTS 2500

High-Performance Digital Portable

The XTS® 2500 digital portable radio offers an exceptional solution to coordination and communication needs. Noise reduction software eliminates background interference, ensuring a clear, crisp signal. Compliance with P25 standards means reliable transmission and reception across agencies and jurisdictions. The rugged design resists extremes in temperature, shock and weather. The XTS 2500I option can even be immersed in water.

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Motorola XTS 5000 Digital Portable Radio

Motorola XTS 5000

Advanced Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

The XTS® 5000 is the toughest and most advanced interoperable digital portable radio Motorola makes. It assures high quality communication through a robust design that stands up to the most demanding environments. Enhanced spectrum utilization and seamless integration deliver a clear, crisp signal, even in congested urban areas or dispersed rural regions.

The radio is IP-enabled, offering a full array of sophisticated features and progressive technology.

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Motorola APX™ 4000 P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX 4000

Durable and Compact with Key Features in an Easy to Use Design.

The APX 4000 delivers all the benefits of TDMA technology in the smallest P25 capable portable in the industry. Easy to use, tough as nails and a hard value to beat, it seamlessly connects public safety agencies and public works for fast, interoperable communications.

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Motorola APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX 6000

Smart Investment Delivering Leading Edge Technology

Delivering outstanding performance in a compact form factor without sacrificing the features you need most. The APX™ 6000 is the next generation of ruggedly reliable performers that gives you the advanced features such as Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking in the smallest, P25 Phase 2 TDMA-capable radio available. Whether you're responding to a call or racing to a fire, the APX™ 6000 puts you in greater control of your safety, response time and technology investment.

Single Band Operation | Excellent Audio | Compact Design

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Motorola APX™ 6000 XE P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX6000XE

Designed For Users Working In Extreme Environments

Designed with extreme ergonomics and advanced features in a single-band, rugged form factor, the APX 6000XE is the ideal communication solution for first responders working in extreme environments. Its exaggerated controls make the radio easy to use while wearing gloves, and the extreme audio profile allows firefighters to be heard and clearly understood in high noise environments. Offered in three models, departments now have the flexibility to equip firefighters and EMS users with advanced features like Front Panel Programming (FPP), text messaging and GPS location tracking.

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Motorola APX™ 7000 P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX7000

Capable Of Multi-Band Operation, Backward and Forward Compatibility

The APX 7000 multi-band radio places instant interoperability into the hands of mission-critical first responders. Motorola's 4th generation P25 Subscriber is capable of multi-band interoperability in one radio and can operate in any 2 of the following frequency bands: 700/800 MHz ,VHF, UHF Range 1, offers backward and forward compatibility (FDMA and TDMA), and integrated GPS for outdoor location tracking. Designed with mission-critical technology, the radio amplifies public safety officials' ability to keep the community safer than ever before.

Multiband Operation | Best-in-Class Audio | Future Expandability

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Motorola APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX7000XE

Designed for Extreme Environments with Multi-Band Interoperability

At first glance, the APX 7000XE is unquestionably a rugged, mission-ready radio. Yet some of its most remarkable aspects come from questioning traditional thinking. That is why every feature and function of the APX 7000XE has been designed with your safety in mind; from best-in-class audio, to industry leading ergonomics, and advance features such as intelligent lighting and voice announcement. All innovative features that make the APX 7000XE an ideal fit for the fire service.

Multiband Operation | Best-in-Class Audio | Extreme Ergonomics

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